Scope and content

Paper is essential for our daily life.

Our products meet high quality demands through severe optimization of process and materials.

Here is described an overall production process and the position of R&D centre. Pulping is the first step in the papermaking process. In this step, wood chip is "digested" i.e. converted into slurry by a process called the "Kraft Process.“ The slurry is then bleached by the eco-conscious Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) process. A sample from bleached pulp is taken to the analysis of Quality & Control, and then it is deloused and refined. After this, it is again sent to   further analysis of Q&C centre and then it is converted into paper through several process steps. The major part of our product is further treated by pigments and chemicals to meet various required properties. We are continuously the working on development of innovative production processes.


Meeting market demands

We work hard to meet the daily changing demands of the market. Low density cellulose paper, which makes valuable papers more useful with superior brightness, and digital on-demand cellulose paper are a few examples of our newly developed product line.